Dr. Waddy, author of Jewel of the East, was recently featured on WLEA talk radio! Listen here.

According to Amazon reviewers... "Dr. Waddy has written a riveting novel of historical fiction. The scenes of intense military combat, bureaucratic infighting, and tender romance are woven together seamlessly... This epic novel has the scope and elegance of the programming often featured on the Masterpiece Theater television series. In sum, Jewel of the East is a powerful work of historical fiction which is sure to capture both the mind and the heart of the reader."

"Jewel is a gripping story about a fascinating period in history set in exotic India."

"Jewel of the East has everything readers look for in a work of fiction: adventure, love, intrigue, suspense, even a little humor."

British India, 1774. Lady Emily Augusta Fitzroy is a beautiful but melancholy young noblewoman, packed off to India by her father in order to marry Warren Hastings, the tyrannical Governor of Bengal. Even before reaching Calcutta, however, Lady Emily becomes a pawn in the political intrigues that swirl around the Governor. She is kidnapped by pirates, egged on by Hastings' chief rival. Imprisoned at a pirate base on the lawless island of Ceylon, her fate now rests in the hands of two men: Colonel Charles Edward Fuller, an ambitious, ruthless covert agent and Lady Emily's would-be rescuer, and the Colonel's handsome native lieutenant, Mr. Neelan, whose loyalty to Fuller is wearing thin after years of condescending treatment. Neelan and Lady Emily will, against the odds, become lovers, who must struggle to free themselves from Colonel Fuller, and from the imperialist system that he represents, if their budding romance is to have any chance of success...

Jewel of the East is a moving, masterful work of historical fiction, full of vivid characters, intense action, exotic settings, heartwarming romance, and wry humor. It will captivate you from Page One!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


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Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy works as an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred in Alfred, New York. He can be reached at: NLWADDY@yahoo.com